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Product Name:Joyance Shipping Term & Method

Different shipping method will be in different process cost, such as:
A. Truck Fee from our factory to container yard (our export port is Keelung, Taiwan)
B. Truck Fee from our factory to airport (our export airport is Taoyuan Airport, Code TPE)
C. Export handling charge and custom clearance fees in Taiwan
D. Ocean freight (sea port to sea port)
E. Air Freight (airport to airport)
F. Insurance
G. Destination port handling charge and custom clearance Fee
H. Delivered Duty at customer side (destination)
I. Truck Fee from destination port to customer's office or warehouse
What cost that our shipping term included:
Ex work: not including any of above cost
FOB Keelung Port: including A+C
FOB TPE Airport: including B+C
C&F(to port): Including A+C+D (by ocean), or B+C+E (by air)
C&F (to door, DDU): Including A+C+D+G+I (by ocean), or B+C+E+G+I (by air)
C&F (to door, DDP): Including A+C+D+G+H+I (by ocean), or B+C+E+G+H+I (by air)
CIF (to port): Including A+C+D+F (by ocean), or B+C+E+F (by air)
CIF (to door, DDU): Including A+C+D+F+G+I (by ocean), or B+C+E+F+G+I (by air)
CIF (to door, DDP): Including A+C+D+F+G+H+I (by ocean), or B+C+E+F+G+H+I (by air)