586DS Aluminum 4U Rack Mount Chassis 586DS-DIA x1.pdf 100KB
for ATX or 14 Slot Backplane

570G 4U 19" Rack Mount Chassis Surveillance BNC Rear Window 570G.pdf 159KB
Various rear window options, including BNC I/O plate, 14-slot B/P and ATX Rear Window

608M Wall Mount Chassis for ATX IPC 608M-DIAx2.pdf 118KB
608M with 12cm large front fan, two optional 4cm rear fans and more vent holes for heat dissipation

JY-B29C JY-B29C-DIA.pdf 86KB
JY-B29C Wall Mount Chassis More options of ATX power supply installtion orientation

Joyance ISO9001 Certification of Registration Joyance-ISO9001_2012_2015.jpg 316KB
Joyance ISO9001 Certification of Registration No. 53231/A/0001/UK/En

JY-237-HTPC 2U Micro-ATX RackMount Chassis drawing JY-237-HTPC.pdf 198KB
JY-237HTPC drawing and specification with photo collection

608V1 ATX Tower Case for IPC 608V1-DIA v1.pdf 101KB

608VS-RA EATX/ATX 12/14 Backplane Tower Case 608VS-RA-DIAx14.pdf 158KB
Multi-installation type case, can be tower case, wall mounting or 19" rack mounting. Three options of rear window: 7 slots, 12 slots or 14 slots.

620 Keyboard Drawer 620-Photo-Spec.jpg 222KB
Maxium size of Keyboard Drawer space

409A Wall Mount Chassis 409A-DIAx3.pdf 668KB

JY-A60C Open Top Wall Mount Chassis JY-A60C-DIA x1.pdf 98KB

JY-A60B Open Top Wall Mount Chassis JY-A60B-DIA x1 (1).pdf 123KB


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